Oil Cleansing

Oil Cleansing is the natural way to deep clean leaving your skin soft, smooth and vibrant. Why does applying oil to your face not result in your skin being more oily? The answer is that oil dissolves oil. While using soap or other cleansers generally does a good job, the result can be overexposure of your tender facial skin to chemicals that are meant to remove oil. Unfortunately, this well-intentioned act can start a vicious cycle of drying out your skin so much that it begins an overproduction of our innate oils.

Oil Cleansing puts an end to this vicious cycle. Customers quickly see a decrease in excessive oil production in their skin. Use of our Soft Skin Oil Cleanser will help reduce waking up in the morning with oily skin and provide you with the look and feel of soft, clean skin which glows throughout the entire day.

The oils in each cleanser are carefully chosen for their natural benefits. The one constant oil is Castor seed oil which is known for its remarkable cleansing, healing, and potent anti-inflammatory properties. Castor seed oil is combined with two additional plant oils to provide benefits ranging from anti-aging to extra moisturizing to extra cleansing. Finally, key Essential Oils are added for their unique properties, making each of our Soft Skin Oil Cleansers a powerful weapon in the fight for a beautiful and youthful skin.

Directions for best results:

Gently massage 3 or 4 squirts of Soft Skin Oil Cleanser into your face and neck. Concentrate on areas that need the deepest cleansing. The longer you massage the more cleansing that will occur. You may even feel tiny pebble-like blackheads (comedones) come out under your fingertips. Rinse with a hot washcloth multiple times, taking care to remove all the dirty oil from your face. Oil Cleansing effectively removes all of your make up as well.

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