How To Tell If The Perfume You Bought Is Authentic

Buying perfume online has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Online perfume stores generally have a much larger selection and significantly cheaper prices. Due to the incredible savings you will get buying perfume from an online store you may ask yourself “how do I tell if I bought authentic perfume.” There are a few ways to protect yourself from purchasing a cheap knockoff of your favorite fragrance.

Perfumers spend years working on and developing the finest fragrances. One way that you can tell if you bought authentic perfume is by testing the quality of the perfume. Imitation perfumes will not smell as good as the authentic perfume. Counterfeit perfumes will also lose their fragrance much more quickly then their authentic counterparts. Often they will become pungent after only a few hours. If the perfume that you bought does not last long, smell the way it should or becomes pungent after a few hours chances are it is a fake. It is estimated that roughly 10% of all perfumes and toiletries on the market are fakes.

Fake perfumes also may contain dangerous chemicals in place of authentic ingredients. These inferior ingredients may cause allergic reactions to people that have sensitive skin. If you are having a bad reaction to the perfume that you bought online when you never did before there is a good chance that it is a cheap imitation. Another way to tell if you bought authentic perfume is by checking its quality on your clothing. The cheap knock off imitation perfumes can stain your clothing due to the inferior chemicals that they use. If you notice a stain on your clothing after applying your perfume chances are the fragrance is a fake. Also check the packaging and the labels and logos for additional clues as to whether your fragrance is authentic.

A good way to be sure that the perfume you buy is authentic is to only purchase your discount perfumes from reputable perfume dealers. Look for dealers who offer money back guarantees or return policies and read any available feedback you can about the vendor.

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