Lipid Defenders

There are two locations of lipids in the skin. One is in the matrix in between cells and the other […]

3 months ago

Rotating Hair Brush

One of the most modern advances in encouraging hair growth is the blow dryer brush. Hair is very volatile and can become thin and lifeless due to aging, stress, and heredity. The loss of hair for anybody can be embarrassing and can really reduce a person’s self-confidence especially in men.

4 months ago

Boar Bristle Hair Brush

If you’re looking to add some volume then a boar bristle hair brush on your hair will do the trick, brushing your hair also distributes oils and helps keep your hair gleaming. Most of the brushes on the market today apart from boar bristle hair brushes should have round plastic balls on the end of the bristles to avoid scratching the scalp and uprooting the hair follicle.

5 months ago