Get Off the Lip Balm Bandwagon

Are you a Lip Balm Addict? Do your lips seem to have an insatiable need for more and more lip balm, applied over and over throughout the day, almost as though the more you apply, the more you need?  Or, have you ever suffered from “Lip Balm Withdrawal”? You know. You find yourself desperately searching your purse for your lip balm because you will surely scream if it isn’t applied this instant!?

If you replied yes to either of the above, you are probably a Lip Balm Addict, and it’s probably not your fault!

Folks, it’s time to get off that Lip Balm Bandwagon (as we like to call it), with Alchemilla’s Healing Lip Balm.  With this magical product, you really can get lasting help for your dry lips without desperate withdrawal symptoms in between applications!

This wonderfully soothing, truly effective moisturizing balm for lips is very different from all others.  For one thing, it contains no irritating mint or menthol – ingredients that smell good and feel like they’re oh-so-soothing but are actually irritants and the main cause of many “Lip Balm Addiction” problems (we’re serious, these are a big no-no if you want healthy lips and the skin!).

Instead of pseudo-soothing menthol and mint ingredients, our Healing Lip Balm contains incredibly healing botanical extracts of St John’s Wort, Calendula and Chamomile in a wonderfully satisfying emollient base (that doesn’t just roll around on the lip’s surface, but really feels like it’s moisturizing deep down) for soothing, long-lasting comfort to dry, parched lips.  You’ll feel the difference right from the instant it is applied!

And another great thing is that Healing Lip Balm only needs to be applied once or twice per day to be thoroughly effective, and you won’t suffer withdrawal symptoms in between.  Also, a tiny amount is all that you need, so the small tube of this luscious, lip-loving balm can last around 3-4 months, even with daily use!

So are you ready to get off the lip balm addiction bandwagon?  Yes? Great! Try Healing Lip Balm today.

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