Dry Skin – The Alchemilla Approach

In the warmer, balmier months of spring and summer, many of us can get through the day with a little light moisturizer on our skin.  Or, for those who are really lucky, a light serum and perhaps a spritz of hydrating floral water every so often. However, those of us with dry skin conditions usually need something more no matter what the climate.

Dryness is a very common skin condition, and even more so in the colder months of the year.  In fact, individuals who normally have perfect, trouble-free skin for most of the year can often suffer from dry skin conditions as soon as the outside temperature begins to drop.

Why is this so?  Dry skin occurs more in the colder months because, generally, the cold air outside combined with hot air inside creates a low relative humidity.  This low humidity typically causes the skin to lose moisture.

Other common causes of dry skin include:

  • Bathing or showering too frequently;
  • Using harsh soaps;
  • Deficiency of vitamins (specifically A and/or D);
  • Illness;
  • Overexposure to sunlight;
  • Hormonal changes/imbalance;
  • Some medications.

Anyone with a dry skin condition may be tempted to immediately slather on an extra-rich moisturizing cream to immediately relieve that dry, taut feeling and ‘disappear’ those dehydrated fine lines.  Seems logical. Certainly, extra-rich facial products can provide an instant sense of relief and the feeling that somehow we are winning the battle against our moisture-depleted skin. Unfortunately, however, richer is not always better, especially if you don’t want to create a dependence cycle with your skin care products, and you do want your skin to achieve a natural balance.

Ideally, when caring for a dry skin condition, one should use organic skin care products that nourish adequately enough to minimize trans-epidermal water loss, yet do not over-nourish with heavy oils and waxes, which only serve to clog the pores and not encourage the skin to respond, by itself, to environmental changes.

It is important to understand that our body has the innate ability to maintain homeostasis (equilibrium) by itself, and that supporting this process with biologically compatible, plant-based skin care products, rather than inhibiting it with products that over-nourish or stress our skin more, can do much to promote inner resilience and a complexion that radiates health and vitality, regardless of external factors.

The Alchemilla Approach to Dry Skin Care

Perfect for colder months, Alchemilla’s Calendula Cream and Rosebay Willowherb Cream will help keep skin adequately moisturized and protected while not over-nourishing and inhibiting skin’s inner balance.  These organic facial moisturizers contain powerful plant-derived emollients that nourish and protect from trans-epidermal water loss, and natural humectants to draw water from the atmosphere and hold it on the skin.  They also contain organic botanical extracts to address specific needs – Calendula Cream can address dry skin that tends to peel or chafe and Rosebay Willowherb Cream can address issues of sensitive and reactive skin.

When aging from environmental pollution is a concern, Alchemilla’s Rehydrating Day Care Cream contains a potent natural antioxidant complex to address free radical damage, and the right balance of emollients and a natural humectant to moisturize and hydrate without over-nourishing.

In the evening, or if your skin needs that little bit of extra moisture during the day than most day creams provide, a Rehydrating Night Balm is perfectly formulated with a unique blend of powerful organic moisturizing ingredients and regenerative herbal extracts to nourish, nurture and enhance skin’s natural restorative processes during rest time.

A humidifier at one’s office desk or in the bedroom at night can generate a good amount of moisture in the otherwise dry air.  If a humidier isn’t a practical solution, an Aromatic Floral Water (with in-built humectant) can be spritzed directly onto the skin and into the immediate environment throughout the day.  In combination with a humectant-containing facial moisturizer, this addition of moisture to the air will do wonders to keep those skin cells plumped up full of moisture.

Surprisingly, also important for dry skin care is regular exfoliation with a gentle product to de-flake, loosen and remove epithelial build-up to prevent clogging of pores and improve absorption of your moisturizer.  We suggest a mechanical (physical), rather than chemical (AHA, BHA), exfoliation treatment that is suitable for dry, and often sensitive, skin types. Try Alchemilla’s Exfoliating Face Wash Cream. This incredibly gentle organic facial exfoliant’s is highly concentrated in tiny smooth beads of jojoba and can be used on even the most sensitive skin to instantly uncover a smooth, soft, youthful glow without the risk of irritation that comes with a chemical exfoliant.

A simple shift in our understanding of what dry skin really needs can make all the difference when we are trying to create for ourselves a better chance at minimizing ongoing skin problems and achieving the radiant, balanced complexion we’ve always wished for.

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